Our Modular Design


The Avid Games Platform was built from the ground up to be tailored for different audiences. Every brand has different fans, so the app can be configured just how your customers like it.

Below are just some of the modules we can add to your app, to make it just right for your audience.

Avid Games Modules


  • XP Systems with configurable levels
  • XP Achievements
  • Collection Trophies
  • Story Mode


  • Free and paid ‘spin to win’
  • Daily accumulators
  • Video Rewards for Ad Views
  • Friend Referral Rewards


  • High Stakes ‘Prize Play’
  • Direct friend challenges
  • AI Bots
  • Scavenger Hunts

P2P Interactions

  • Open Social Chat
  • In-Game and Trade Taunts
  • Social Marketplace
  • Friend Referrals and In-app Invites
  • Share to Social Platforms
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