Meet the Team (A – Z)

publishing director

Duncan Best

Ever since nursery school and my fierce rivalry with Robert Monty, I have been an avid collector of nemeses. Over the years I have made every effort to hoard them in their rarest and most desirable forms.

senior ui designer

Kuba Bogaczynski

I collected lots of stuff when I was a kid, from toy soldiers to soda cans. I was most avid about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stickers. I remember doing regular rounds around the city's bookstores to trade the missing ones. But I'm all grown up now... so I collect sneakers instead.

product designer

Alison Buckley

When I was younger I probably collected enough Harry Potter merchandise to open my own personal museum. Nowadays I like anything with a bit of history, like old maps, signs and handwritten postcards.

mobile developer

Dan Castle

As a kid I collected what every kid collected: Pokemon Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, Shootout Cards, Beyblades, Pogs, England WC 1998 Coins, Crazy Bones, you name it. Now I’m a little older (but none wiser), and almost all of these have been lost to time, I seem to collect QPR tops and band T-shirts. And more recently, unicorn tops. Don’t ask.

mobile developer

Alex Clark

Back in the day I collected pokemon cards, getting a few cool shinies along the way. Not that I ever actually played the trading card game itself... but then again, did anyone? These days I have too many guitars for one person and enough computer parts to open up my own shop.

office manager

Kate Clarke

I'm not much of a collector by nature, the only real "collection" of things I have (and utterly adore) are Lionel Richie and Neil Diamond concert t-shirts. Why? Because they are cool, obviously. My husband would say I collect shoes, make up, and perfume - but those are life essentials.

product director

Martin Gardner

My collecting started with Refresher wrappers back in the ’80s aged 6 (the heyday of Esso Tiger tokens). I managed to collect 50 wrappers to get a free watch - a great feat, even if the watch was massively disappointing.

These days I collect “The Art of…” books. It all started with The Art of Toy Story, and I now have 76 and counting.


Ed Hardwick

Originally I started collecting Pokemon/Digimon cards/toys, moved onto collecting Yu-GI-Oh cards when that was all the rage. Much to my parents dismay, I eventually moved onto collecting from Games Workshop both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k. After playing an excessive amount of Fallout 3 I also collected bottle caps in preparation for the inevitable nuclear war.

Founder & Director

John Howard

Back in the day it was Football stickers, especially the world cup, and those coins dished out, which I’d fight my brother to get off my dad after his Esso visits! Now it’s rare books, most recently a signed, first edition, House at Pooh Corner by AA Milne. Oh, and I collect germs from my young kids. They’re very giving...

Head of mobile

Kyle Hudspeth

As a young 'un, I collected the usual: Pokémon cards, pogs, student debt. These days I mostly collect guitar pedals to mask my lack of musical creativity, and I've also amassed a large collection of board games that I swear I'll get around to playing one day soon.

managing director

Paul Mayze

PG Tips used to have collector cards in every pack. The family would get back from Sainsbury’s and I’d run off with the PG Tips box, rummaging through the tea bags to find my cards. Ah, the smell of tea. I still have mini-albums from about 5 years of collecting in the attic.

I didn’t try any other brand until my late 30s.


Darren McKay

I first collected Smurf figures that National petrol stations used to give out. I made it compulsory for my Dad to use National over and above cheaper and more convenient options. I later moved on to football sticker albums during the era when perms and bushy moustaches were very much considered the done thing.

Finance Manager

Suzi Morris

I first recall collecting miniature china tea sets, as a reward for behaving whilst my Mum perused the shop for the real stuff. I've now progressed onto the real thing too, from IKEA. My other collections include old disused mobile phones, that I kindly donate to my children, and digital cameras that are missing their chargers and memory cards. I live in hope that one day they’ll work again. Oh, another new phone has just arrived!

Senior Backend developer

Andrew Poodle

I've never considered myself a 'collector' as such, but find myself with a myriad of interesting mechanical devices and mechanisms. From vintage mechanical watches and stationary engines to numerous motorcycles dating from 1942 to present day; if it makes noise, leaks oil and smells, then I'll probably add it to the collection.

Content manager

Daniel Pryce

I dipped my toe into just about every collectable I could during my youth; Pokemon cards, Magic the Gathering, Pogs, Tazos (remember Tazos? Missed a trick not bringing those back for the new Star Wars movies), Happy Meal toys, film scripts, a brief stint with shrapnel.

These days I’m avid about tabletop gaming, a hobby for which my four-year-old is starting to grow into a worthy opponent. I mean, he’s still pretty easy to beat, but he’s getting there.


Peter Smith

I have lots of sci-fi and fantasy novels, and used to have a pretty good collection of 1950-60s radio comedy until my NAS crashed :(

I also have too many limited edition star wars collectibles (if that's not an oxymoron?!)


Rich Theobald

As a young Star Trek fan growing up in Canada, I used to collect all sorts of stuff related to the show: models, comics, novels and more. I didn't bring much when I returned to the UK but you can be sure I still have a worn copy of the Technical Manual and Blueprints from when I was 6 still in my bookshelf.


Ross Walker

Parking Fines & Speeding Tickets.

Executive Chairman

Nick Wheelwright

Don’t mean to out-do everyone here but my collections include: Birmingham City shirts and all other memorabilia, 1970 till now; a huge collection of TV related boxed Dinky and Corgi toys (Batman, James Bond, Thunderbirds, UFO etc); all completed Panini World Cup albums 1970 to date; completed FKS and Panini yearly football albums from 1960s to date; various iconic film props; signed documents of Kings and Queens of England from Charles 1 onwards (incl Cromwell); and location pin badges.

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