Becoming Avid

April 15, 2019

So, as of now, we are trading as Avid Games. 🌟🍾

Is that exciting? Well, according to my nine-year-old… no. But he has a company* called ‘King Cobra Studios’, so that’s a high bar.

He’s right - it’s not exciting. In fact it’s more like putting on a pair of slippers. Avid Games is a practical, comfortable fit.

For seven years we’ve published digital trading cards for the likes of NFL, NBA, F1, Discovery Channel and Premiership Rugby.

However, while trading cards are still a big part of the picture, we’ve evolved. In the move from physical to digital, it’s never just the medium that changes - expectations and behaviours do too. While collectors of Pokemon Trading Cards might never play the physical Trading Card Game itself, in the digital space it’s the game that is centre stage.

And that’s why we now have ‘Games’ in our name. It’s the market we’re in, it’s the competition we’re up against, and in many cases it’s the people we are.

Making games is something that excites us, and it’s what clients want.

So why Avid?

Our products have always been focused on fans. People who consider their brand affiliation to be part of their identity.

Those fans are demonstrating their affiliation through collecting and through competition. They are Fans. They are Collectors. They are Gamers.

And that’s why Avid fits: Avid Fans. Avid Collectors. Avid Gamers.

So that’s it. Name changed.

It might not be exciting to a 9-year-old, but I’m sure there are exciting times ahead.


*Not yet incorporated unfortunately (arguments about stock and company articles, you know how it is…) but he’s nailed the logo.

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