Acceptable Use Policy


1.1   The website (“the site”) is operated by VirtTrade Ltd (“VirtTrade” and “we” and “us” and “our”).

1.2   We are registered in England and Wales under company number 7948120 and with our registered office at 8 High Street, Heathfield, TN21 8LS.


2.1   This page tells you our policy for what is acceptable in the use which you may make of the site.

2.2   The Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) is an integral part of our Terms of Use.

2.3   The AUP applies to all use of the site and to all users.  It is intended to help protect all users of the site.

2.4   We reserve the right to revise and update this AUP from time to time.

2.5   We expect users to cooperate with us when requested to assist in our investigations.      


We prohibit the following:

3.1   Creation or transmission, or causing the transmission, of any offensive, obscene or indecent images, data or other material, or any data capable of being resolved into obscene or indecent images or material.

3.2   Creation or transmission of material with the intent to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.

3.3   Creation or transmission of material with the intent to defraud.

3.4   Creation or transmission of defamatory material.

3.5   Creation or transmission of material that infringes the copyright or other rights of another person.

3.6   Attempts, whether successful or unsuccessful, to gain access to any electronic systems, networks or data, without proper consent, are prohibited.

3.7   Threats against any person and threats against property are prohibited.

3.8   Use of the site in any way for illegal purposes is prohibited.

3.9   Assisting in any way in relation to any of the above.


4.1   We request that anyone who believes that there is a violation of this AUP should contact us via the Contact Page on our site providing details of the alleged violation.


5.1   We will investigate any violations or alleged violations of this AUP of which we become aware.

5.2   If we find that a violation of this AUP has occurred, we may Issue warnings (written or verbal) in response to complaints.

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